The Arizona Coalition for Tomorrow (ACT) is a not-for profit organization of concerned citizens committed to improving the health and education readiness of low-income children. We provide the environment for comprehensive health screenings and immunizations through an annual award-winning health fair, thereby enhancing the quality of life for children, their families, and the community in which they live.

The organization seeks to be an outstanding model of how private and public sector partnerships can improve the health, education, and overall quality of life of low-income children and families, while increasing the numbers served. The goal: to help provide a healthy future for Arizona's children.

The annual ACT Kids Health Fair serves at-risk children who are eligible for metropolitan Phoenix Head Start programs, but lack appropriate medical clearances. This all-volunteer event addresses the full spectrum of health requirements: transportation to and from the children's neighborhoods, all appropriate medical screenings and immunizations, establishing and updating medical records, and arranging emergency or continuing care as needed. Over 20,000 children have been screened to date.

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