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The ACT Kids Health Fair is still a unique example of how public and private organizations in the greater Phoenix area open doors to a brighter future by giving children access to preventive health services.

Support from nearly 50 valley businesses and organizations, and over 900 volunteers and sponsors, make this event possible each year.

This health fair focus serves at-risk children who are eligible for Valley Head Start programs. ACT is broadening its reach to include not only children enrolled in Head Start but also the general community.

Services include dental, eye, hearing and asthma screenings; lead testing, physicals, blood tests, immunizations, and nutrition information. Blood-pressure screenings also are available for adults.

Because one in every 20 children under age five is found to have an eye problem, vision services include vision screenings.

Dental screenings include a fast, simple application of a fluoride varnish to help prevent cavities.

Nutrition education include an interactive, fun display with important information.

Exhibitors provide important resource information for families.

The ACT Kids Health Fair is primarily staffed by medical and non-medical volunteers who address the full spectrum of health requirements, all appropriate medical screenings and immunizations, plus updating medical records and arranging emergency or continuing care as needed.

"When they become participants in the Head Start program, children and their families are provided with the necessary support, resources, and education that pave the way for a healthier, brighter tomorrow. When opportunities are available now, they set the stage for life-long health, well being and success." says Margi Watts, City of Phoenix Head Start program director.

Volunteers, many of them bilingual, who donate their time, include many family and pediatric physicians and dentists, in addition to a large staff of nurses and nursing students, plus medical students, and health technicians, entertainers, and lay volunteers. All ACT Executive Board members and many other ACT Board members volunteer their time and knowledge to make this event a success.

There are always fun activities for the children such as interactive nutrition games, face painting, clown antics and mascots children and their parents love.

Many children who are eligible for Head Start would not be able to participate without access to the appropriate health screenings and immunizations. Without Head Start, these children would not be as ready for public schools as their peers in more affluent neighborhoods. ACT works closely in partnership with many individuals and organizations that realize the importance of this health fair and provide very important contributions of time, funds, and supplies to make this important health care event a yearly reality.

ACT was first in the Valley to coordinate such a comprehensive health fair for children, and continues to be a key leader and model in the state. More than 30,000 children have benefited from the health fair over the last 25 years.

Arizona Coalition for Tomorrow (ACT) Charitable Fund, Inc. is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization of business and civic leaders who strive to improve the quality of life in Arizona. Our primary activities are centered on supporting healthcare for low-income children and families. In addition to the health fair, past projects include playground development, school repairs, and support for domestic violence shelters.