The Arizona Coalition for Tomorrow (ACT) is committed to improving the health and education preparedness of low-income children by providing the environment for comprehensive health screenings and immunizations through an annual health fair. ACT began by providing the missing link for children eligible for the Phoenix Head Start program, but who did not have access to the medical resources necessary for entry into the Head Start program. ACT broadened its reach in 2006 to include other valley preschools as well. ACT serves children from infant to 12 years old.

Since 1991 over 30,000 children have been screened at the annual health fair. Once a year, children and their families attend this health event and are able to have all immunizations and normal health screenings met at one location. Dental, vision, hearing, and asthma screenings take place, as well as blood test, immunizations, physicals, Tuberculosis and lead testing. Blood-pressure and diabetes screenings are made available to the adults. Establishing and maintaining health records and referring where needed for continued care is provided. In 2005, literacy and reading readiness screening for 4 to 5 year old children was added. The health fair isn't all business; children and their families are entertained by clowns and other Valley mascots during the event. Arts, crafts, and face painting are provided by volunteers.

The annual ACT Kids Health Fair is made possible by partnerships with various individuals and organizations such as the City of Phoenix; Southwest, and Maricopa County Head Start, Arizona Department of Health Services, Maricopa County Medical Society, ASU College of Nursing, UofA College of Medicine-Phoenix, Sun Health, Midwestern Medical School, AHCCCS, and numerous other organizations and sponsors. No other private or public organization in metropolitan Phoenix provides the array of services on this scale. Each year ACT strives to serve more children and families than the year before.

Through financial grants and support from the community we are able to purchase supplies, plan this massive one day event, and raise awareness of critical health needs within our community. We help children and families achieve a better level of health. Financial support and contributions go directly to cover the cost of implementing this massive one-day event by providing numerous services to thousands of children and coordinating the efforts of over 900+ volunteers.

Through the joint efforts of the Arizona Coalition for Tomorrow Health Fair and Head Start, the quality of life for Arizona's children is enhanced This benefits families and the neighborhoods in which they live... a Win-Win scenario for all.